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martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010



Monday 29th november



Knitter Challenges? Tell me about it!


This is a simple Factbook game, meant to bring knitters together, challenge our creativity.... and share a good time!


So.. how does it work?


Every two weeks, Animate a Tejer –our local iniciative in Latin America to promote leisure knitting- proposes a guideline for the Knitter Challenge: a specific piece of garment and a theme, to create a unique design from that. Once the garment is ready, send us a couple of pictures... we will upload it to our facebook profiles (Abuelita Yarns and Animate a Tejer) and it is ready to win the Challenge!!!


The two first challenges have been presented to latin america, with much excitment form our knitters... so we want to share it with you too!!


We have now three winners: the most voted design from Uruguay –our home!-, the most voted from Latinamerica, and the most voted from Europe, USA, Oceania, Asia, and the outer space!


How to vote?

·        FACEBOOK: check the picture albums

o       "TERECER DESAFIO TEJEDOR" in Animate a Tejer profile

o       "KNITTER CHALLENGE" in Abuelita Yarns profile

Choose and design and post "I VOTE" as a comment. You can pick up to three designs: one from Uruguay, one from Latin America, and one from the rest.

·        By mail: send us a e-mail to saying "I VOTE (CHOSEN DESIGN)"


And my prize?

You´ll get a product pack, with five skeins of 100% merino yarns, of different kinds; (NO shipping costs, of course!!!)







Hand knit or felt a piece of garment that

  • ... is inspired in the theme "Circus day" any character, any color
  • .. is meant for babies or little kids: bootees, baby hoods, sweaters, rompers...
  • …is created with yarn applied in a hand made technique (knittig, felting, crochet, hand loom, etc)

Send us your picture including a hand made sign wich says "DESAFIO"; share with us your inspirations, and where are you from!


Starts: Monday 29th november
Deadline to send pictures: till thursday 9th december, up to 2pm in Uruguay

Voting open until: thursday 9th december, up to 8pm in Uruguay
Winner announcement: Friday 10th at 5pm Uruguay time


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